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I've been biking for 20 years and your store is probably the best source I've found for cycling gear.

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Cycling Jerseys & Gear for Men and Women

Biking Gear has come a long way with innovation in function and form making the cyclist safer and more comfortable. Our wide range of manufacturers means we offer great selection at great prices especially when you factor in our FREE shipping with no minimum order size, unlike any other online store. Most of our items are in stock and shipped within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on accurate orders and excellent customer service, learned from our years of experience and constant innovation.

With vibrant eye catching colors, patterns and imagery biking clothes have a way of combining more safety as it is easier to be seen along with looking great while riding alone, on the club ride, triathlon or for the next cancer research century.

Our custom choices mean that a single rider or entire club can design their own creation and we can be an integral part of making that go from idea to concrete finished product.

Our quality choice of manufacturers creates a easy choice for the wearer to have strong functioning and appearance in their materials, zippers, seams, pockets and prints. The long lasting materials, colors and images stand up to the elements of sun, sweat, lotions, wind, rain and washing much longer than they ever did before. This creates real savings over the life of a garment as it lasts longer with vibrant colors. Making the rider safer on the roads and trails.

Both mountain biking and road riders can enjoy choices from our selection with confidence that we have vetted our manufacturers and will continue to do so as new and exciting products come out and become available with new materials and function. Dealing with the elements like heat, wet, dry and cold means we need excellent moisture wicking functionality without loosing the thermal properties that we want to keep warm on the downhills. A variety of choice in jackets, arm and leg warmers, bibs, long and short sleeves can go a long way to being prepared to deal with what comes at us over a 100 mile ride where our strongest friends are our only SAG support on the ride. Well fitting apparel and the latest materials can mean winning times in the sprints if a biker is on their way to the pros, a sponsored club team or pride of your local biking group or best biking friend. Which brings us full circle in the reason to why we choose riding the mountains, dirt or the roads as our form of exercise. Friendship and family are great reasons for gift giving and a great value for years to come with these choices. Everyone remembers the rides and gear they received as a gift. Outstanding when someone asks "Where did you get that new cool Jersey?