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Brainstorm Cycling Jerseys - Nerds, Star Trek & Ghostbusters...

These are "Club Cut" which means they have a little more room than your "Race Cut" so these will be a comfortable fit.
To check out the sizing chart give this a click.
BrainStorm recommends ordering a size larger than the T-Shirt you usually order. Never a worry we have a great refund / exchange policy, go for it!

If you lived the 1980's then you will love these reminders of great movies like "Ghostbusters" with lines that have have become classics and defined both a generation and the 80's decade. Who didn't sing the song? or warn about crossing the beams. These film greats will bring a smile to other riders and break the ice with new friends. The bright colors are great for getting you noticed. The almost Neon SLIME lime green arm accents set off the colors while the details of the design will keep riders reading your great quotes like "Ecto-Plasm" and "Paranormal Proton"

The quality in both the ink print for great colors and the fabric which is a real moisture wicker! Stay cool and standout from the crowd.

The Star Trek Line comes in both Mens and Womens and will bring out the fellow Geek in your biking club. Careful or someone will want to speak a Klingon with you at the next rest stop. Make a statement and grab any one of these and break the ice with a new group or make some of the "usual" riders at the next club ride smile with some fresh new digs

Nerds anyone? The great purple candy classic has made the bright purple circular pattern of hypnosis ready for your biking. The cute little Nerd creatures displayed all over come in the bright Yellows, Reds, Blues and Orange. The back has a great slogan to inspire humor and bring the group closer. Like it says -- "Ride Like a Nerd"